Founded: 2001
Partnered: 2002
Sector: Advanced Manufacturing
Industry: Extreme sports
Stage: Alumnus: Venture & Grow Internationally
Team: Dr. Chris Leatt, Sean Macdonald, Jeffrey J. Guzy, Erik Olsson

About Leatt

South African inventor Dr. Christopher Leatt filed his first neck-brace-related patent in 2003. The Leatt-Brace is designed to work only when worn in conjunction with the full-face helmets typically used in the aforementioned activities. The brace uses what the inventor calls Alternative Load Path Technology to help absorb and disperse injury-producing forces. The brace is designed to limit hyperflexion, hyperextension, lateral hyperflexion and posterior hypertranslation, which are extreme forward, backward, sideways, and rearward movement of the head on the neck. Although the brace cannot protect against pure axial compression of the spine, it is designed to help minimize such loading, when coupled with one of the extreme movements above.

In 2009, the Leatt-Brace received C/E approval, which is granted by European Union law. Gaining CE approval for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) includes adhering to basic health and safety requirements as well as performance requirements. The Leatt-Brace was approved based on a review of the concept, design, operation and testing of the brace, and chemical analysis of brace components.

Value Proposition

Leatt Corporation is renowned for the award-winning Leatt-Brace®, and has since extended its range to include Leatt® helmets, body armor, knee braces, elbow guards, hydration systems and other cutting-edge products that are redefining protection and inspiring confidence in the world of extreme sports. Independently backed by science and testing and trusted by some of the fastest riders in the world, Leatt® protects athletes who constantly push the limits.


Dr. Chris Leatt (MB ChB)

Dr. Chris Leatt (MB ChB) studied medicine at the University of Cape Town and completed his internship in the United Kingdom before returning to South Africa to pursue his career in medicine.

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