Jonga Systems

Founded: 2016
Partnered: 2018
Sector: Security
Industry: Security Tech Devices, IoT Devices
Differentiation: Wireless mounting. You only need a phone, thus making it accessible to less effluent communities. Battery operated therefore independent of power supply.
Stage: Venture & Grow Locally
Market size: 4 million households
Team: Ntandoyenkosi Shezi and Ntsako Mgiba

About Jonga Systems

The Jonga system is a 2-part solution that consists of a hardware control panel which houses the sensor unit and electronics boards, which is securely mounted on the ceiling and monitors a room for any movement and a mobile application that gives you centralized control of your home system.

The device is battery operated and therefore independent of the power supply at the home. The communication between the device and the Jonga system is utilising a new “Internet of Things” network protocol. To date, there is no known application of these protocols for security in South Africa.

Value Proposition

Ease of installation (wireless mounting). The app-based panic functionality significantly reduces “false-alarms” and thus security response costs. The sensing device does not detect pets (cats etc.). The Internet of Things technology is a key component in its unique offering over existing solutions. The ensures the device is portable with a battery that lasts a few years and mobile that requires zero wiring.

The community building aspect of it via the app will be a key leveraging factor as current platforms of Whatsapp and Facebook are often too slow in response to threats whereas Jonga is real-time in its detection and alerting mechanism. The hardware, therefore, plugs into the community communications.


Ntsako Mgiba

Ntsako Mgiba is a Mechatronics engineer, educated at UCT. He is an ambitious and charismatic young man who is passionate about leadership, and social innovation. He plans to affect change on the African continent through technological solutions to the many challenges we face. He sees Africa as a continent “pregnant with opportunity” and he plans to take advantage of the opportunities that come his

Ntando Shezi

Ntando Shezi has a finance background and is passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. He has a deep interest in emerging markets and exploring how they could be transformed through tech innovation. He would love to spend the next few years working in the Kenya or Israel learning about the start-up culture and finding ways to grow that culture in South Africa.

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