Founded: 2019
Partnered: 2020
Sector: Advertising, Mobile Payments & Data Analytics
Product: Out-of-Home Advertising
Market Size: (EM): R3 billion
Differentiation: Integrated controller unit
Investment Stage: Venture & Grow Locally
Team: John Ulyate, Dianne Wiggill

About InXor

Inxor is an advertising technology provider that replaces the traditional price poll with an intelligent brand engagement solution.

The brand engagement solution provides access to mobile payment providers for easy integration and collects customer purchase data in real-time.

Value Proposition

Inxor provides a platform that advertising media managers can use to drive better brand engagement and targeted in-store campaigns. Brands and retailers typically struggle to execute effectively, particularly in verticals such as convenience retail, especially when running promotions. This often results in inefficient and ineffective marketing and promotional activities. This problem further extends to gathering data about customer purchases. Inxor addresses this by replacing the till point pole with an interactive screen and retrofitting existing printers with proprietary USB print managers. The solution is transaction-based, managed centrally, and offers real-time performance insights per campaign under management.


John Ulyate

John is an electronic engineer with over 40 years’ post-graduate experience in the systems, solutions architecture, technical development and marketing fields. He has designed, successfully developed and deployed several internationally-patented systems and solutions with a wide range of technologies in conjunction with marketing, installation and maintenance teams.

Dianne Wiggill

Dianne has participated in numerous start-up companies such as Redline Communications (Canada), 3Com, Zapper and Argility. Dianne has vast experience in large retail project rollouts, including

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