Year partnered with Savant: 2023
Sector: Space-tech
Industry: Space
Product: CubeSpace specializes in fully integrated Attitude Determination and Control Systems (ADCS) for satellites, ensuring precise orientation and directional adjustments.
Market Size: (Global) USD 447 billion
Differentiation: All the skills and experience to design and manufacture all the components required for a ACDS system. A South African company with a global market.
Investment Stage: Series A
Stage: Venture & Grow Internationally
Founding Team: Herman Steyn, Mike-Alec Kearney, Willem Jordaan, Jako Gerber

About CubeSpace

Established in 2017 as a spinoff from Stellenbosch University, CubeSpace pioneers in the development and manufacturing of Attitude Determination and Control Systems (ADCS) for satellites. Originating from SU’s satellite technology research since the 90s, CubeSpace gained prominence with its miniature ADCS technology successfully launched in 2014 as part of the QB50 project. Transitioning from university confines to an independent entity, CubeSpace swiftly grew to a team of 45, distinguishing itself as a global leader with the most launched ADCS systems.

Focusing on two consumer segments, CubeSpace caters to those requiring ADCS components and primes building complete satellites. Over 90% of its revenue is derived from fully integrated ADCS systems, showcasing CubeSpace’s comprehensive solutions. Currently advancing its Gen 2 system to enhance accuracy and accommodate larger satellites, CubeSpace’s trajectory involves scaling its production facility and expanding international reach, solidifying its position at the forefront of satellite technology innovation.

Value Proposition

CubeSpace distinguishes itself as a leading engineering and manufacturing entity, specializing in the delivery of fully integrated Attitude Determination and Control Systems (ADCS) tailored for satellites. The company’s value proposition extends beyond the conventional, encompassing a multifaceted approach to meet the intricate demands of satellite ADCS. CubeSpace’s expertise spans purpose-built electronic assemblies, high-precision optical systems, advanced mathematical modeling, profound scientific knowledge, robust mechanical design, and high-reliability software.

This comprehensive suite of capabilities ensures that CubeSpace’s ADCS systems not only align with the highest technical standards but also address the nuanced challenges associated with space missions. Clients benefit from solutions that are not only reliable but also high-performing, providing a crucial foundation for the success of their satellite endeavors. CubeSpace’s commitment to continuous innovation is exemplified by the ongoing development of the Gen 2 system, which not only rectifies known shortcomings but also elevates accuracy levels and extends control capabilities to larger satellites.


Prof. Herman Steyn

Herman, the original research leader at the university, brings a wealth of expertise as a renowned Attitude Determination and Control Systems (ADCS) expert. Having worked globally at esteemed space companies, his distinguished career spans various continents. Herman served on CubeSpace’s board from its inception in tandem with his role as a lecturer and researcher at the university. In 2022, he transitioned to a full-time position within the company.

Mike-Alec Kearney

Mike, Co-founder and CEO of CubeSpace, leads the aerospace company in delivering satellite attitude determination and control systems globally. With over eight years in the industry and Masters degrees in electrical and mechanical engineering from Stellenbosch University, Mike blends technical expertise with entrepreneurship. From establishing the company structure to directing finance, R&D, and leading Sales and Marketing, Mike’s diverse roles highlight his integral role since the company’s inception in transforming university research into successful products.

Lourens Visagie

With a background rooted in collaboration with Herman, Lourens honed his expertise in the UK through further research and roles at commercial companies. Joining CubeSpace full-time in 2021, he became a pivotal force in software development, operating initially from the University and now serving as the ADCS Team lead and a backup ADCS expert at CubeSpace.

Jako Gerber

Having played a vital role in transforming university research into tangible products, Jako has been a cornerstone at CubeSpace since his student days. Serving as the product owner for two crucial products and originally part of the electronic team, Jako transitioned to a broader project management role in early 2023.

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