Cognitive Systems

Partnered: 2020
Sector: Artificial Intelligence
Industry: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
Product: AME – Artificial Mind Engine
Market Size: USD 11.33 billion > Video Surveillance USD 19.12 billion
Differentiation: Edge Driven Hardware Device
Investment Stage: Commercialization
Stage: Early commercialization
Team: Anet Potgieter

About Cognitive Systems

Cognitive Systems’s primary market-ready product is SeeingAME (“SAME” – a context aware video surveillance technology for continuous, in-stream behaviour monitoring and anomaly detection), which is gaining market attention mainly in monitoring and security applications. This is because safety, in general, is top-of-mind for most South African individuals, businesses and government authorities.

The architecture will, ultimately, allow Cognitive to either build out solutions across multiple sectors on the AME platform, or alternatively allow sophisticated developers to develop bespoke solutions for company or industry specific challenges. It is essential for Cognitive to prove the ability of their engine to create a commercially viable AI solution before it can be aggressively scaled. Their existing surveillance solution was chosen as the most commercially viable near-term opportunity to demonstrate the commercial proof of concept of the platform.

Value Proposition

Cognitive Systems seeks to improve data processing and predictive analytics, encompassed in a fixed Structure Bayesian Network. Cognitive Systems is currently focused on Intelligent Video Surveillance solutions for monitoring in-stream behaviour and anomaly detection.

Cognitive Systems Artificial Mind Engine (AME) is sector and data agnostic. It’s multifarious uses include other machine learning applications such as particle anomaly detection, equipment monitoring, predictive maintenance solutions for the mining industry, agricultural harvesting optimisation, animal vaccine development, disease epidemic management and population allergy management.


Anet Potgieter

Anet is the founder of Cognitive and has over 20 years’ experience in Agent-based Systems, focusing on Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing in streaming Big Data environments, including video and sensor streams in the emerging Internet of Things. Anet has a PhD in Computer Science and is the key technical resource in the company.

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