All Weather Roads Engineering

Founded: 2012
Partnered: 2022
Sector:  Transport – Road Construction
Industry: Engineering
Product: Innovative resilient Asphalt
Market Size: (SA) ZAR 1 billion (G) $ 46 billion
Differentiation: Design and construction of roads that are resilient to extreme weather conditions, through the use of advanced chemical, material and soil engineering to develop an asphalt of superior quality and durability.
Investment Stage: Seed
Stage: Venture & Grow Locally
Team: Mothabi Tebello Emmanuel, Phetha Ms Lungile, Mr Mbatha Elias and Mr Raphulo Thabo

About All Weather Roads Engineering

AWRE engineering focuses on the microscopic behaviour of the materials and their resilient responses. This approach brings to the market roads engineering intelligence which bridges the gap between the impact of nature and limitations of road construction materials by building high quality roads that ensure efficient infrastructure which is an important factor for the productivity and safety of any country or society.

All this is achieved through an innovative AWRE asphalt technology and its structural design that consists of subgrade (engineered soil), subbase (secondary load-spreading layer), base (main load-spreading layer), and the biscuit layer, (for surfacing and additional waterproofing).

Value Proposition

AWRE has invented a new building material and methodology for building long-lasting resilient road structures, which are climate-proof. This new road construction methodology has the effect of decreasing road maintenance burdens, increasing the lifespan of road surfaces, while protecting against rising water levels and climate change.

AWRE’s is targeting to replace the Hot Mix Asphalt methodology which has been in use worldwide since 1920. Due to increasing traffic and global climate change variables, a significant amount of money is spent on road maintenance to fix potholes and other road damages.


Mr Emmanuel Mothabi

Mr Emmanuel Mothabi is the founder of and CEO of AWRE. He plays the role of a project manager, Financial manager, Chemical engineer, Geotechnical engineer. Emmanuel has BCOM Economics & Econometrics degree from University of Johannesburg (APK Campus).

Ms Lungile Phetha

Ms Lungile Phetha is the Product Development manager and her highest qualification is BTech in Mining Engineering. She started work at Impala Platinum as a Learner Official in 2006 and qualified as a mining engineer in 2009.

Mr Elias Mbatha

Mr Elias Mbatha leads the construction and equipment operation team. Elias obtained Shuttering Certification (Level 2) from Apex Institution. He previously worked at Civilcon, specialising in construction and shuttering projects.

Mr Thabo Raphulo

Mr Thabo Raphulo is in logistics and road construction and his highest qualification is a National Senior Certificate in Accountancy from Tshwane University of Technology.

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