Akili Labs

Founded: 2017
Partnered: 2017
Sector: MedTech
Product: MDx INDUSTRY: Molecular Diagnostics
Market Size: (G): $7.8 billion (EM): $2.5 billion
Differentiation: Remote diagnostics Quick turnaround time Low cost Low skill requirement
INVESTMENT STAGE: Technology Development
Investment Stage:
Team: Charles Faul, Lucas Lotter

About Akili Labs

Akili Labs Inc is a US registered molecular diagnostic company focused on the development and delivery of molecular diagnostic services and technology that improves the delivery of quality healthcare.

The development of novel molecular diagnostic technologies at Akili Labs along with expertise in the delivery of molecular diagnostic services allow them to optimise turnaround time, cost and value.

Value Proposition

Medical diagnostic tests currently rely on having a fully-equipped medical diagnostic laboratory and trained medical laboratory technicians. Akili Labs has a core based on innovation in healthcare through research and development and real-world testing of these developments. This allows Akili Labs to develop advanced technologies and deploy them in their services platform and enter the market to deliver innovative healthcare products.

The Akili MDx is a low-cost, portable, reliable medical diagnostic tool that can fulfill this function in remote areas, as well as disaster areas, research environments and medical facilities. Akili Labs redesigned their original product,Field Lab, to become what is known as the Akili MDx device, removing many of the large moving parts of the first device, and evolving it into a smaller, more reliable gold standard diagnostic tool.


Lucas Lotter

Lucas is a Biotechnologist with experience in molecular biology, stem cell biology, 3D design, 3D printing and extensive microscopy experience.

Charles Faul

Charles is a Biotechnologist with a software development background with experience in molecular biology, industrial biotechnology, surface chemistry, electro-chemistry, analytical chemistry, 3D design and 3D printing as well as extensive electronic design knowledge.
Expertise in molecular biology along with their software development background results in a new perspective on molecular biology diagnostics systems.

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