Sector: Agriculture
Industry: Agriculture
Stage: Venture & Grow Locally
Product: Multi-faceted adjustable, precision soil deep working apparatus
Market Size: (SA) $ 1.1 billion (G) $ 100 billion
Differentiation: Reduced effort (energy), increased effect through rotational penetration approach
Investment Stage: Commercialization
Stage: Venture & Grow Locally

About AgriRevolution

AgriRevolution’s machinery is based on its patented SDW approach to soil preparation in the form of an independently-powered working unit drawn by an appropriate vehicle. The SDW approach yields superior de-compaction and soil mixing outcomes at up to 1m depth. The depth of application is adjustable to serve a variety of demands

The rotational mechanism and mixing chamber allows for the introduction of fertilizers and soil additives directly into the soil, at root depth, minimising runoff waste. The addition of cutting blades to the rotational device enables root pruning when working inbetween existing orchards or vineyards.

Value Proposition

Soil preparation through ripping or tillage including nutrient introduction is a crucial, yet highly expensive periodic operation on a farm. Traditional soil preparation and nutrient distribution machinery literally scratch the surface in terms of soil application. In addition only 13% of South African soil is arable land, with soil losses continuing due to poor soil management practices.

The use of AgriRevolution’s Soil Deep Working (SDW) machines will improve agricultural outputs by enabling the full productive depth of the soil and doing so at a reduced cost to current approaches in the industry. The SDW approach improves soil productivity, enables soil remediation and can make marginal farmland viable and productive agricultural areas.


Koos Stofberg (BSc Agriculture)

Koos Stofberg has 35 years of experience in wine making, soil sciences and soil preparation contracting.

Louis de Lange (PhD organic chemistry)

Dr de Lange has 30 years of senior management experience in the South African chemical and agricultural sectors, with a strong focus on marketing, manufacturing and R&D.

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