Partnered: 2022
Sector: Agriculture – Undercover Farming
Product: Multi-faceted adjustable, precision soil deep working apparatus
Market Size: (SA) ZAR 1 billion (G) $ 22 billion
Differentiation: Focussed on Poly-Greenhouses, Highly unique weather algorithms, Multi-positioning, Modular scalability
Investment Stage: Venture & Grow Locally
Team: Joel van der Schyff

About AgrilogiQ

AgrilogiQ’s product suite includes proprietary sensors, sensor nodes and automation controllers as well off-the-shelf weather stations and related technologies. Where applicable, the company can integrate (plug-and-play or retrofit)

its proprietary Smart Technology to any connected hardware in their system into an intelligent device. Its web-based software platform provides access to real-time data and enables system control on and off site.

Value Proposition

AgrilogiQ combines a range of off-the-shelf, and proprietary, world-class, undercover farming systems, software and hardware to enable wireless and intelligent poly-greenhouse automation and remote management. This includes venting motors, weather sensors/stations and a cloud-based software platform. Using key parameters such as temperature and humidity, the solution ensures suitable and swift adjustments to the growing environment. This maximises crop yield and reduces the risk of crop damage, without the burdens associated with manual processes.


Joel van der Schyff

AgrilogiQ is led by Joel van der Schyff. He has a mechanical and electrical engineering background and an MBA from UCT. He is also an accomplished entrepreneur, having previously co-founded an FMCG equipment manufacturing business, which he ran for 6 years and exited.

Kyle Daniels

Kyle Daniels covers in-house development as well as doing field technician work. He has a background in Electro-mechanical and System design, fabrication, machine maintenance, modification, and repair.


Haylin found joy in the administrative duties such as stock management, product placement and customer satisfaction. He has been working for AgrilogiQ on a part time basis for almost a year and has come on full-time as of December 2021.

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