Adagin Technologies

Year partnered with Savant: 2023
Sector:  Agritech
Application: Precision Farming
Product: Advanced precision farming techniques with robust, data-driven technology, optimizing agricultural operations from field to market.
Market Size: (Local) ZAR 75 billion (Global) USD 9.8 billion
Differentiation: Cutting-edge precision farming tools and real-time, data-centric management solutions, delivering unparalleled efficiency and productivity.
Investment Stage: Seed
Stage:  Venture & Grow Internationally
Founding Team: Jonathan David Naudé, Frederik Gideon Adriaanse, Justin Vellacott

About Adagin Technologies

Adagin revolutionizes farm management by equipping farmers with a precision tool that delivers real-time data and analytical insights, aimed at enhancing profitability, efficiency, and quality. The platform stands out in an industry where traditional manual systems lack immediacy and traceability, offering a seamless transition to digitized farm oversight. By capturing the entire agricultural process from the ground up, Adagin ensures that every step, from the field to the pallet, is meticulously monitored and optimized.

At the core of Adagin’s offering are advanced hardware trackers seamlessly integrated with a cloud-based interface, allowing farmers to gather, process, and analyze critical production data in real-time. This empowers them to make informed, strategic decisions concerning their primary income—yield—and manage their most significant expenses, including labor and packagmainting costs. The system’s design is intentionally straightforward at the user level, growing more sophisticated as data ascends through its layers, ensuring the intricacies of technology enhance, rather than complicate, farm management.

Value Proposition

Adagin’s integrated hardware and software solutions offer comprehensive data capture across the entire agricultural value chain, delivering granular insights into individual productivity, yield management from field operations to the final stages of the supply chain. With this robust technology stack, stakeholders have access to live, actionable data through Adagin’s intuitive web-based platform. The suite of Adagin products is designed to address and streamline the critical domains of harvesting, packaging, and workforce management, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and driving value at each juncture.


FG Adriaanse

FG Adriaanse has a Master’s degree in Logistics and rich farming experience, FG brings a unique farmer’s perspective to Adagin’s products. His innovation, a pallet-carrying harness system, not only showcases his ingenuity but also reflects his deep-rooted connections within the farming community. His academic background and real-world agricultural experience are vital in steering Adagin’s business and logistics strategies towards meeting the nuanced needs of the farming industry.

JD Naude

Jonathan David Naudé, an alumnus of Stellenbosch University, is a mechanical design engineer with a flair for product development and a history of providing expert engineering consulting. His technical acumen and innovative mindset are the driving forces behind Adagin’s technology and engineering advancements. JD’s commitment to product excellence underpins the company’s mission to deliver innovative solutions that redefine precision farming.

Justin Vellacott

Justin Jeffrey Northcott Vellacott, holding an Honors degree in Information Systems, is the mastermind behind Adagin’s software infrastructure. With over 12 years of experience managing IT and software projects, his expertise spans from blue-chip listed enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses. Justin’s ability to turn ideas into successful products is instrumental in developing Adagin’s robust, user-friendly platforms that serve the complex needs of today’s agricultural sector.

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