Making Business Sense of Technology

Savant is a highly specialised and commercially-focused hardware technology incubator. We grow South African start-ups based on science and technology innovation – focusing on projects with global market appeal, strong Intellectual Property protection, and technology capable of meeting the requirements of the target market.

Focus on tech with international market potential & IP



Million US$ raised by 8 companies as of January 2015



Million US$ revenue generated by 4 companies as of March 2016



Choose the Tech. Build the Team.

In South Africa, inventors are not always entrepreneurs. Savant has identified a need for hands-on commercial support and developed a locally relevant process for taking tech businesses to market.

The outcome for our clients is a technology rich company with sales and positive cash flow. Savant assists in building the right team to take the business forward and scale into international markets – providing post-incubation support as required.

Track Record


Investment Portfolio